Recycled art, painting on cardboard

ME? (2017)

Acrylic painting, approx 22″ x 12″.

Canvases tend to disappear pretty quickly, and they’re expensive. One day I wanted to paint and didn’t have a canvas so I used some cardboard. This ugly, abused, discarded, ripped, beat up piece of cardboard lends itself well to this sad, hideous creature coming to terms with its loneliness. 

Child Art Inspired Creepy Grandma Figure


DSCN2405 - Copy

Acrylic painting, 14″ x 11″.

Another child art inspired painting. There’s something about drawing objects in front of hands to represent them being held which creeps me out. I started trying to give the figure hair, but I gave up and I guess now it’s just whatever hell it crawled out of. 


Paths, small abstract on paper

PATHS (2017)


Acrylic painting, 10″ x 8″.

I had used all my canvases up and noticed I still had an 8 x 10 inch medium surface drawing pad lying around. Seven abstract paintings later and I love it. The paper is of nice quality and I think the delicacy of it adds something to the paintings. This is called Paths because I see a reddish figure standing in the middle, then all the paths and choices swirling around them.

Untitled, another abstract



Acrylic painting, 12″ x 16″.

This is on canvas panel which is an interesting surface to paint on. It’s relatively heavy and sturdy which is good for me, because I paint on the floor without an easel or anything to hold the painting still. The surface isn’t as nice as a more expensive version of canvas, but it’s fun to paint on a slightly rougher surface and see how the paint responds.