Psychopath or Mickey Mouse


Acrylic painting, 12″ x 16″.

So this is an abstract painting. With the brushstrokes I was going for a dangerous or unhinged appearance, which works well with the red and white on the dark background. After finishing it and looking at it, my first thought was that it looks like an elephant kind of. So for titles I was thinking Hell is an Elephant or something like that. Then another day I looked at it and it dawned on me… this looks exactly like Mickey Mouse. I literally just painted Mickey Mouse. So I thought about Mickey, the high pitched voice, the cheerful exterior and thought, OK yeah, Mickey is a total psychopath. Perfect. 

It can be difficult to name abstract works, because I don’t want to tell the viewer what to see, because it can be hard to unsee other peoples interpretations. So I didn’t put Mickey in the title of this one. I didn’t try to paint him, he’s just kind of there. 

Author: keiranpriceart

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